Angela O’Dell

Angela O’Dell, a second generation homeschooler, has been married to her best friend, Dave, for twenty-three years, and together, they have home educated their four children from the beginning. Over the last few years, they have graduated their two elder children and are currently home educating their two younger daughters. Angela has served as a leader in their homeschool group, a curriculum consultant for many homeschool families, and most recently, curriculum advisor for the Royal Schools International in Uganda, Africa. As a great admirer of the Charlotte Mason method, Angela knows that a child’s education must begin with knowing “a living God for a living education.” She knows that true education is a sacred bond between Creator and child, and that modern children need an education that fits the needs of this generation, not one based exclusively upon books from Miss Mason’s Victorian/Edwardian age. Working arm-in-arm with her mentor and friend, author, speaker, pastor, and family life professor, Gary Newton, Angela, who has studied Constitutional History through Hillsdale College, has worked to bring a curriculum that will reach deep into the heart of home educated children and their families. She has written over twenty books, including her history series, A Living History of Our World, and her math series, Math Lessons for a Living Education. Angela’s goal is to bring materials that teach and train hearts and minds to find the answers for our generation in the never-changing truth of God and His Word. Her passion to help others know Jesus comes from a deeply rooted thankfulness of His awesome presence in her own life.