Chawna Schroeder

Chawna Schroeder is a former-homeschooler-turned-novelist who loves fabricating fantastical tales designed to stretch both imagination and faith. She has spent the past fourteen years learning the craft of writing and exploring the boundaries of fiction, often calling upon her training in biblical Greek and Hebrew to understand how to use her imagination in a godly way.  Realizing she isn’t the only person for whom discernment does not come naturally, Chawna began to teach and vend at home-educator conference as Imagination Investigation. Providing written resources for others soon followed in order to better help them understand what discernment is, why we need it, and how to build discernment in our own lives. Included among these resources is Bearing the Sword: Developing Discernment through Scripture and Story, a curriculum to teach high school students the basic principles of discernment and to help build in them the habit of measuring the world by the plumb line of Scripture.