Dana Wilson

Dana Wilson and her husband Dan are the parents of five children, two of whom have disabilities. Their family’s homeschool journey began in the late ’90s, because their oldest daughter’s academic needs could not be met and her physical abilities accommodated in the private and public schools in their town. Declaring, “Well, I did pass first grade on the first try, how bad can it be?” Dana checked out all six books on home education in her small town’s library, she and Dan attended a homeschool conference, and the family’s course was changed. Already a speaker at women’s retreats and events, Dana began to share knowledge as she gained it about homeschooling and children with disabilities, finding an audience of parents eager to both listen and share their own experiences. Dana particularly enjoys speaking with parents who are just beginning their homeschool journey. Dana and Dan have been privileged to serve on the board of Oklahoma’s state homeschool organization, Oklahoma Christian Home Educators’ Consociation (OCHEC) since 2006. Dan is currently the Vice President of the Board and Dana is the Secretary. Dana also serves on the board of directors of Homeschool Now USA, a nationwide home education information and advocacy organization.