Debbie Strayer

Debbie Strayer: After receiving several degrees in English and education, Debbie spent several years in the classroom – elementary school to the college classroom. She spent time understanding the needs of her students and finding creative ways to meet them.

In 1988, the Strayer family embarked on a different path – answering the call they felt to homeschool. It gave them a chance to know their two children deeply and to enjoy and appreciate their gifts and talents. Their son and daughter both received scholarships for college and the confidence for life produced by their customized education.

In 1990, the Strayers began their years as creators of curriculum and resources for homeschoolers, notably as two of the co-authors of Learning Language Arts through Literature, and as founders of the Homeschooling Today Magazine. Debbie provides tutoring, evaluations, and consultations for homeschoolers and their parents, as well as speaking at conferences, moms‘ retreats, and graduations.