Derek Carter

Derek Carter is the President of Foundations for Family Success, a ministry which serves today’s fast paced families. The ministry conducts practical workshops and seminars on marriage, parenting and families. In addition he does biblical counseling. He is a Clinical Member of the National Association of Christian Counselors. He has worked with families in crisis for over fifteen years and has a degree in Urban Studies and a Masters of Science in Urban Policy and Administration. Currently, he is employed by the Family Preservation Program in New York City. He is active in the Long Island, Greater New York Home School community. He is a home-schooling dad and is a Chapter Leader with the New York State Christian Home School group (LEAH). Carter is also a freelance writer who has written on fathering issues. He is active in his local church. He has been joyfully married for sixteen years to the only love of his life, his bride Cheryl, and has three young children. He has a vision to see all men rise to be like Christ in their homes and is often heard to say “just like we want to be like Christ, our children should want to be like us.’ He has a burden to reach fathers so they can reach their children and regularly speaks on marriage, parenting and home-school issues.