Diane Kummer

DIANE KUMMER and her husband Tom homeschooled their two children from kindergarten through 12th grade using a variety of teaching options. Both of their children went on to college, and are now well into their careers. She joined the staff of Home School Legal Defense Association in 2005 to help develop HSLDA’s “Homeschooling Through High School” program  and website. As an HSLDA high school consultant, Diane regularly speaks nationwide at homeschool conferences and presents high school symposiums where she shares from her experiences and her imperfect (but real) homeschooling days! Her practical and encouraging high school seminars provide information that inspires parents to continue teaching their teens at home with confidence. During her homeschooling days, Diane directed a 200-family homeschool support group that provided classes and activities for homeschool families, performed curriculum portfolio reviews, and created a program that offered high school transcripts for teens. Diane enjoys writing articles (such as regular columns for HSLDA’s Court Report magazines as well as other publications), brochures on high school topics, and a monthly high school newsletter filled with helpful tips. She reviews new resources, provides personal consultation to HSLDA members, and co-hosts HSLDA’s Home School Heartbeat radio program. Diane has co-authored two e-books entitled Develop a High School Plan and Simplify Your Recordkeeping and Transcript. Diane loves math and taught high school math classes for homeschooled students for many years. In her free time, she enjoys teaching ladies’ Bible studies and being involved in pro-life ministries. Graduating from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Business Management, she enjoyed a banking career prior to starting a family and beginning her homeschool adventure.