Dianne Craft

Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP, a speaker and former homeschool mom, discovered that there are many bright, hardworking, homeschooled children who have to work way too hard to learn! As she speaks with homeschool leaders across the country, she hears that their fastest growing population of new homeschoolers is comprised of parents who are working with bright but struggling learners. This appears to be about 30% of our homeschooling population.

Her goal is to show parents how to identify if their bright, hard working child is truly struggling with a learning block (…or if he just has a character problem, the most common question?) and, more importantly, how to reduce the impact of that learning glitch and get the child moving forward quickly. We know that homeschooling is best, especially for a struggling learner; however in their frustration, many parents consider sending their child to the public school system, thinking that it is their only option. With just a little instruction, these wonderful parents can very successfully homeschool their child with reading, writing, math, behavioral or attention issues.

Attendees to Dianne’s workshops often comment that her presentations are funny, entertaining, informative and chock full of ideas to help them understand their puzzling child. They say that it feels like she has been sitting in their house, watching their daily struggles with their child.

Dianne has a Master’s degree in Elementary and Special Education with 25 years of teaching experience. She now teaches parents across the country how to help their child learn faster and easier using therapies and strategies that are very effective while being very inexpensive. She is a Certified Natural Health Professional specializing in natural treatments for children with attention, learning and behavioral issues.  Dianne is president of the educational consulting firm Child Diagnostics, Inc. in Littleton, Colorado.