Dolly Lowery and Macy Hanson

Dolly is always looking for ways to make the world a better place. She had a successful 20+ year career selling software in the US and Europe and co-founded and launched Gilda’s Club Twin Cities, a place for families living with Cancer. With over 1200 clinic visits for her own kids, she knows firsthand how important help is for families. “I am passionate about having every child and family achieve beyond what they thought possible and for kids to believe in themselves”. The most important thing about our mission to me is to provide families with effective brain training exercises that produce the greatest result in the shortest amount of time. I was so frustrated about having time slip through my hands year after year without making any progress for my own child. BrainyAct was born out of that promise, to see change happen most effectively.



Macy is an Occupational Therapy Assistant and has spent her career implementing functional interventions for children with physical and cognitive disabilities in both academic and clinical settings. She is extremely devoted to helping others and uses creative solutions to help foster independence they can use in their everyday activities. Macy strives to carry out Brainy Act’s innovative approach to help children with learning challenges become more successful and confident in all areas of their life. At Kinuu, Macy combines her experience in pediatrics with her strong leadership skills to help create an individualized program for each BrainyAct participant. Our mission matters to me because I believe that every child deserves opportunities to reach their full potential, and BrainyAct does just that.