Dr. Larry Guthrie

Dr. Larry Guthrie is a former research assistant and writer for the Institute in Basic Life Principles. He has worked on such publications as “Character Sketches” volumes III and IV and the “Eagle Story.” He also wrote science and medical curriculum materials for the Institute’s home education program, The Advanced Training Institute of America. Dr. Guthrie is the former director of the Children’s Institute which offers character training and instruction in basic Biblical principles to children ages 6-12. Over the past 10 years, these week-long children’s seminars have enrolled over 175,000 children in 50 cities and 8 foreign countries. Dr. Guthrie also served as Director of Curriculum Development for Character First! Ed. a national non-profit character training program for public schools with headquarters in Oklahoma City.Larry is currently serving as the Frarm School Director at Harvest Home Farm. He is responsible for teaching and developing curriculum for the Farm School. The Farm School uses God’s creation to teach about the creator’s invisible attribute, eternal power, and divine nature. (Romans 1:20)From January 2002 to July 1, 2007 Larry served as the Director of Educational Ministries at Camp Forest Springs in Westboro, Wisconsin. His primary responsibility there was the Leadership Training and Development Program. He was also involved in developing curriculum for family camps, youth camps, and follow-up ministries.Dr. Larry Guthrie is a graduate of the University of Illinois and taught seven years as a public school science teacher before becoming a Professor of Education at Indiana University Northwest.Larry and his wife Lois have been married 45 years and have two married children and seven grandchildren.