Dr. Pete Wurdemann, D.C.

Dr. Pete Wurdemann, D.C. is passionate about families and desires to help them honor God by living life to the fullest. His vision is to fundamentally change the way families view and manage their health. Dr. Pete runs a busy chiropractic office in North Branch, Minnesota, where he mentors practice members and their families to maximize nerve flow, nutrition, detoxification, exercise, and mental well-being from a Christian perspective. Dr. Pete was born and raised in Minnesota as part of a large family where he was fondly referred to as “the stocky one.” Determined to not let that nickname stick, Dr. Pete can often be found in a lake or on the road biking and running to prepare to finish strong. (It’s not about being a strong starter, but a strong finisher!) Well-known as a speaker, Dr. Pete offers advanced workshops on a variety of health topics. Because they feel it is the best way to instill Godly character, Dr. Pete and his wife Lisa have seven children and have been home educating since 1996. Living in rural Minnesota, the family enjoys horseback riding, cross country skiing, and teaching others how to make green smoothies (which usually taste good). Dr. Pete’s goals are to visit Israel, speak Spanish, learn to play the guitar, and ride a horse smoothly.