Eric Ludy

For the past sixteen years, Eric Ludy has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people on both national and overseas platforms. He has been a guest speaker at national leadership conferences, Christian events, churches and many Christian schools and universities. Eric has been a regular guest lecturer at Torchbearer Schools, Focus on the Family Institute and Summit Ministries. In 2009, he produced a nationally syndicated teaching broadcast for Moody Radio which aired weekly and gained a strong following of pastors and lay people alike. He has been a popular speaker on Christian radio broadcasts such as Focus on the Family, Campus Crusade, Revive our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Josh McDowell radio, Salem Radio Network, American Family Radio, and many more. Eric’s books and teachings are used in Christian training curriculums around the world by organizations such as CareNet, Youth With a Mission, and Compassion International.

Eric serves as the President of the Ellerslie Mission Society – a network of churches, training programs and international schools designed to prepare future leaders for world-impacting Christian service. Eric has a strong passion for orphan advocacy, and is in process of developing an international orphan program that provides strong spiritual and academic training for vulnerable children around the world, with the goal of building orphans into world-impacting leaders.

Eric and his wife Leslie have a passion for adoption, and have adopted two of their four children. The Ludy family lives in Windsor, Colorado where they enjoy Rocky Mountain sunsets, evening bike rides, and the daily chuckles and adventures that four small children bring.

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