Esther Wilkison

ESTHER WILKISON is no ordinary speaker because she is no ordinary learner. ‘Struggle’ and ‘failure’ played a big part in her learning; but the dominant theme of Esther’s life has more to do with God’s grace enabling her to persist, succeed, and help others.

No one who knew her struggles in school expected Esther to become a teacher, author, or international speaker—but God loves to do the unexpected. Esther put her BS in Education and her MA in Biblical Counseling to work for decades in a variety of classroom, homeschool, church, and camp settings. For the last decade, homeschoolers from Los Angeles to New York, from Mexico to Manilla, have found Esther a speaker who connects with the heart as she provides hope for learning and living.

Esther blogs at and works independently as a speaker, author, and learning coach. If you are interested in Esther’s coaching subscription service, you can reach her through her website. You may also connect personally with Esther as her schedule allows at each convention where she’s speaking. Esther’s goal is to exalt Christ as she empowers parents and all those who are reaching the next generation for Jesus Christ.