Jared Dodd

Jared has been doing ministry for the last 20+ years. He and his wife started a ministry focused on Family and Discipleship in 2012 and currently reside in Texas. The Dodd’s homeschool their 8 (going on 9) children and travel the country speaking on many different subjects: Apologetics, Family, Homeschooling tips, Discipleship, etc. They also have a weekly – nationally broadcast radio show called the The Blessed Family.  The Dodds currently have 8 books published and three, full length, 10-20 week video series on RightNow Media. PureFlix is currently reviewing all of their video series for streaming on purelfix.com.

Jared has spoken at various conferences over the years, big and small, including the Texas Shindig Family Conference, the North Dakota Homeschool Convention, and the Florida Shindig Family Conference.