Jessica Hulcy

Jessica Hulcy is a 24-year veteran of homeschooling and parent of four grown sons and ten grandchildren. Jessica, co-author of KONOS Curriculum (the first curriculum written for homeschool) was an educator, author, and popular national homeschool speaker before a near-fatal wreck in 2009. After a lengthy recovery, she is coming back and will be a featured speaker for MACHE in 2014. Jessica began as a public school teacher in the ghettos of Dallas where she learned by necessity how to teach hands-on. Later while serving as a room mother for her first son’s kindergarten class, she was convicted that there was something very wrong with a public school that would allow “Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer” but not allow “Away In a Manger” to be sung at a Christmas party. Thus began her homeschool journey and the birth of KONOS. In addition to creating over 30 products for homeschoolers, Jessica has been very active politically and led several tours to Europe and the East Coast in conjunction with her high school curriculum. While recovering from her wreck, Jessica wrote her first app called Learning With Mommy: Teach While Shopping ( Recently Jessica and her husband Wade started the ultimate online help for homeschooling moms called Homeschool Mentor ( You’ll laugh and cry as this transparent homeschool veteran speaks from her heart to yours.