Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis is a homeschool graduate – and glad of it! Taught at home from the last nine weeks of his first grade year through his completion of high school, Jonathan has experienced both public school and home education, and says that homeschooling wins hands down as the best approach to life and learning. “It’s not just an academic alternative,” he says. “It’s a way of life.” Jonathan currently serves as the editor of Home School Enrichment Magazine, a national Christian publication dedicated to equipping parents to teach their children at home successfully and joyfully. He is also close to completing his first book about homeschooling, which he describes as part memoir, part manifesto. In May of 2011, Jonathan was married to Linnea, a fellow homeschool graduate, following a courtship relationship. They are currently parents of two little boys and are looking forward to teaching their own children at home, carrying into a second generation the vision God first placed within the hearts of their parents. An articulate communicator of the homeschool vision, Jonathan says, “I believe God is doing an incredible work through the ordinary moms and dads who have chosen the path of Christian home education. I’m delighted to be a homeschool graduate, and my life purpose is to spread the message that homeschooling really does work, and that you really can do it successfully.” He is enjoying sharing his message of vision and hope with homeschoolers across the nation.