Karra Buller

Karra graduated from college with a BA in Neuropsychology and Music in 1991. Her senior thesis was on how learning music in therapy can shape the brain and critically alter how well a person can heal & function after a trauma. She started teaching piano students in 1995, and continued to use her passion for psychology to maximize the benefits of music for the children she taught.

Karra first joined CMA as a parent through enrolling her youngest child in the program. She quickly realized she had found a complete curriculum that maximized how music alters and enhances our brain activities with CMA Brooklyn Park, and soon became a teacher! She never stopped accumulating research on how music changes and maps brain functions and loves to speak at music symposiums teaching others about how music maps the brain. She also has a passion in applied music therapy using the teaching and learning of music as a language to increase connections and remap brain centers for the neurodivergent children.