Kathy Marson

Kathy Marson is the Product Development Director at Kinuu®, a Minnetonka-based neuro-technology company with a mission to unleash the hidden potential and transform the quality of life for children and adults struggling with neurological disorders such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, sensory processing and learning disabilities. Kathy manages the development of BrainyAct®, a brain enhancement program that’s delivered as an interactive game. BrainyAct cross-trains body actions with brain activities to create the stronger connections needed to learn and perform at higher levels of life.

Kathy is also a parent of a 22-year-old son with multiple neurodevelopmental diagnoses and has worked as a wellness professional. She advocates for three integrated areas of brain enhancement to overcome learning struggles: neuro-based therapies, diet and nutritional supplementation and healthy lifestyle changes. 

Kathy especially likes working with homeschool families. When you add BrainyAct to your homeschool day, you take control of the strengthening your child’s learning capacity. BrainyAct builds stronger brain-body connections so your child can absorb what’s being taught and perform at a whole new level in life.