Kelli Schulte & Lisa Carlson

Kelli Schulte: I am the mother of five amazing children that have overcome many health, emotional/behavior, attentional, and learning challenges! I am passionate about starting a movement to support and bring moms together to raise children who thrive physically, emotionally, and academically. This is my passion. This passion was birthed in me as I saw the learning/attention/behavior struggles of my students, then my own health struggles, followed by the health and learning struggles of my own children. All the tools I have learned over the years have filled my toolbox with the expertise to take that passion and truly help children struggling with health, learning, focus, and behavior. I love to walk alongside moms as they journey to bring victory in these areas their children currently struggle with. I have a toolbox, the expertise, and experience to empower moms and bring lasting permanent changes lives of their children. It is time for ALL children to THRIVE in all they do! When it comes to our children…”VICTORY IS THE ONLY OPTION”

Lisa Carlson: Lisa Carlson’s venture into the field of natural health began over 24 years ago. Alongside her husband of 32 years, Lisa carries invaluable firsthand experience raising three (now adult) sons — including one with Autism. The diagnosis of Lisa’s middle son, Davis, at age three, was truly the catalyst that launched her health, and nutritional journey and tested her faith. Through both her professional and personal pursuits, Lisa’s passion for educating, equipping, and encouraging individuals, families, teams, and companies at large is undeniable. Lisa currently serves at Ancient Nutrition in the Health Care Practitioner Channel and as the Director of Zing Programs at Revolution Wellness Center in Plymouth, MN. She is a Board Member for the Twin Cities Autism Foundation and serves on the Advisory Board for Teen Health, US. Lisa holds her BA in Communication from Bethel University, is a Certified Health Coach, and has extensive knowledge in nutritional support products and homeopathic remedies. Lisa’s own experience raising Davis to become a healthy, happy, and independent young adult now allows her to walk alongside others navigating a diagnosis, facing learning or behavioral challenges and, overcoming nutritional hurdles. Her understanding and dedication are considerable and her joy in doing so is unmistakable.