Kris Hage

Kris Hage and her husband, Marty, have eight children and a brand-new granddaughter. They have been home educating for more than 25 years, having graduated all but one of their children, who is a sophomore in the Hage homeschool. Kris has been active with her children in local homeschool co-ops for many years. After her three oldest daughters had graduated from homeschool high school, they taught alongside Kris in co-op preschool and kindergarten classes. She is currently on the board of the co-op her youngest daughter attends. Through writing and speaking, Kris loves to share all God has taught her over the years, encouraging younger home educators to raise their children in God’s ways. Putting her love of writing to use, Kris writes an article on character training three times a year for The Paper MÂCHÉ magazine. She also serves MÂCHÉ as the Volunteer Coordinator for the annual MÂCHÉ Convention. When she is not teaching her daughter, Kris enjoys studying Greek in God’s Word, participating in outdoor activities with her family, and editing her older daughter’s latest novel. She is the author of the Character Companion, a workbook accompanying the Miller Family Books by Green Pastures Press.