Lisa Dettinger

Lisa Dettinger ~ With her PK-12 Education degree, Lisa Dettinger has over 25 years of professional teaching experience and homeschooled her own three kids K-12. After eight years of rave reviews for her live middle and high school writing courses, she transformed them into e-courses. She was also blessed to help create a Christian school in Ghana, Africa by choosing curriculum, setting up classrooms, and training teachers (‘19). In addition, Lisa is a certified Christian Life Coach who published her book “Fully Whelmed: Shifting from Overwhelm to Overflow” in February of ‘20. She also launched an e-course in 2020 called “Supermoms Coaching Club” that merged her passions for homeschooling and life coaching. Currently, Lisa is “homeschooling” twelve 11-15 year-olds (as an in-home private school), where she relishes teaching her writing courses live and employs her life coaching skills on a daily basis. You can find her at She is fully whelmed.