Marcia Somerville

Marcia Somerville, wife of Scott Somerville, is a homeschooling mother of six and the author of the Tapestry of Grace curriculum.  Marcia graduated in 1976 from Kent School, a highly acclaimed classics-based prep school; she received her degree in history from Dartmouth College in 1979. A homeschooling mom since her first child began kindergarten, Marcia found herself ready to quit after 10 years. She couldn’t imagine a way to educate all of her children in every subject.  After a season of tears and prayer, though, and drawing on her own rigorous high school experience and her Ivy League degree in history, she developed a method that integrated the humanities and social sciences into a four-year survey of world history. At first, she used her idea only with her own children. But after graduating her two oldest sons, she offered to lead neighboring homeschooling families through the same four-year cycle. In serving them, she developed a new curriculum that came to be called Tapestry of Grace.  Today, thousands of families in America and overseas benefit from Marcia’s labor of love. Tapestry of Grace has won many awards, and has brought both joy and quality education to many homes. More recently, as part of creating an introduction to Tapestry methods and contents called Tapestry Primer, Marcia collected many of her life lessons and tips for homeschooling into the well-received book entitled Love the Journey, and is working on its squeal: Are We There Yet?