Marilyn Boyer

Marilyn Boyer, with her husband Rick are the parents of 14 children, all home schooled since kindergarten. Marilyn’s message of hands-on, heart-to-heart parenting has traveled around the world through her books, recordings, and her challenging, encouraging talks to home schooling parents. With three decades of home education experience behind her, Marilyn understands the needs of children and parents as well. She has a rare ability to apply the practical truths of Scripture to the task of child rearing, always with her goal in mind of raising up sons and daughters who will have passion for the needs of the world around them and will exhibit servant leadership in engaging the culture and fighting the battle for the faith. Marilyn shows how learning is in fact simple, natural, and normal. She takes the mystery out of education and shows how God’s plan is the answer for all the challenges of parenting in troubled times. Come and hear Marilyn Boyer for a double dose of inspiration and encouragement!