Megan Scheibner

Megan Scheibner is a writer, blogger, and popular conference speaker. A trained Biblical counselor, she earned her degree in Communications in 1984 and she’s currently pursuing her Masters in Counseling. Megan is the homeschooling mother of eight beautiful children – four boys and four girls – as well as the grandmother of six gorgeous grandchildren. She has been married for 33 years to her college sweetheart, Steve. Together they have co-authored Parenting Matters: The Nine Practices of the Pro-Active Parent. She is also the author of a series of discipleship books for mothers and many devotional Bible studies. She authored In My Seat, the story of Steve’s 9/11 experience as one of the involved airplane’s pilots, that has captivated millions on YouTube. Her newest homeschooling book, An A-Z Guide For Character-Healthy Homeschooling, provides encouragement and practical tips gained through her 20 plus years of homeschooling experience. She is a popular speaker, guest on Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson, and TV personality on the Glenn Beck TV Show. Megan and her husband Steve share a strong desire to equip today’s parents to raise the next generation of character healthy leaders. In her spare time, she loves to run and play tennis. Megan enjoys writing, cooking, feeding teenagers, reading, and everything pertaining to the Boston Red Sox.