Paul Fuller

Paul Fuller was a homeschooler himself before choosing to educate his own children at home. After working in IT for seven years, he followed the Lord’s calling to seminary, where he not only taught, but began modeling for his children the habits of a lifelong lover of learning. Currently still balancing IT with being a pastor, his priority of loving and leading his family is still his joy, privilege, and first priority. After six years of teaching his five children classically, he now champions the importance and accessibility of a classical education for everyone. The freedom of the classical model has simplified, enriched, and revolutionized home-based education for the Fuller family. Oh, and there are less tears now, too. Now that his oldest is in high school, dialectic conversation has never been more important in passing on a Biblical worldview to his children. His wife, Audrea, now directs a Classical Conversations Foundations community in Lakeville and Paul will direct a Challenge program in the fall.