Sharon Hofer is a professional artist and teacher.  She is also a pastor’s wife and home school mother.  She is known as a passionate speaker who enjoys encouraging home schooling parents through her practical and uplifting talks.   For the past 16 years Sharon has taught hundreds of students yearly from her studio located in Omaha, Nebraska.   During the year Sharon also spends time overseas teaching art to students in Zambia, Africa.  Along with selling her art in stores, her art has also been featured in several national magazines such as the Contemporary Doll Magazine and the Artist’s Magazine.   In the past, Sharon has sculpted for companies such as the Home Shopping Network and Artist Collectibles and has also worked as a graphic artist.  Sharon’s primary passion today is to teach and encourage home schooled students in the area of art.  She has developed a curriculum called “Creating a Masterpiece” for this purpose.  This curriculum is unique in that it uses online instruction that works for students in all age groups.  She often says, “if a four year old can create a masterpiece, then you can do it too!