Shelley Noonan

SHELLEY NOONAN: My mom always told me, “Shelley, you have to learn everything the hard way.” And she was right. My passion is to communicate to others the lessons I have learned so they can learn their life lessons with greater ease than I have. After ten years of working as a nurse, I transitioned into homeschooling my three children. Homeschooling was the best and the most difficult job I have ever had. This job lasted 13 years. During this time I started a business selling used homeschool books. Our three children, my husband, and I learned invaluable business and life skills through operating Second Harvest Curriculum. After running that business for eighteen years, I sold it and began a new business venture, Pumpkin Seed Press. My passion is to mentor women, encouraging them in their relationships with others and with God. I long to help them discover who God made them to be. During the last 12 years, I have been a speaker for Christian Women’s Club, homeschool conferences, women’s conferences, MOPS groups, and churches. I am a graduate from CLASS and a certified etiquette instructor. This is my prayer… that the Lord would use my life and the spoken word to show His generous display of mercy and grace and compassionate care to others.