Wade Hulcy

Wade Hulcy is a 24-year veteran of homeschooling and parent of four grown sons and ten grandchildren. Wade is a sixteen-year board member of Texas Homeschool Coalition (THSC), the Texas statewide homeschool organization; and 23 year president and CEO of KONOS, Inc. KONOS began as a teacher/coach organization in the urban schools of Dallas, Texas, where he taught for five years before being selected for the Principal’s program. Wade speaks nationally to men about his passion of building families and training fathers to take on Biblical leadership in their families. Yet, through talking to homeschool moms everyday, Wade knows the heart of the homeschool moms — their joys and frustrations — better than most women and definitely all men!  A great encourager, Wade motivates mothers to strive to be excellent teachers and to make their homeschools fun and exciting. You’ll laugh and cry as this transparent homeschool veteran speaks from his heart to yours.