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Christian Homeschools of Stillwater

Group Type: Support

County: Ramsey, Washington, and WI

Keywords: Christian, classes, curriculum, dads, family, field trips, general, moms, presentations, teens, and testing

Group Location: River Valley Christian Church

Lake Elmo, MN 55042

Group Details:

Christian Homeschools of Stillwater (CHS) is a Christian support group that meets at River Valley Christian Church on the southwest corner of Highway 36 and Lake Elmo Ave every 4th Tuesday of the month (except December, June and July). Meetings go from 6:30-9pm and are for adults only. Normally at the support group meetings, we either break into small groups to discuss topics pertaining to homeschooling, or we have a special speaker. You are welcome to join our group at any time of the year.

Our major intention is to support parents in their decision to home educate. However, we offer many opportunities to children in the form of field trips, “fine arts” events, and structured activities: nature center trips, book clubs, spring testing, an annual art challenge, Track and Field Day, community service projects and more. We have a “pick and choose” policy that allows you to take advantage of only those things that fit into your educational plan. We have a huge DVD and CD library for students to watch/listen to and for parents to be encouraged in their teaching.  We also offer monthly support groups led by veteran moms to help you make connections and encourage you on your homeschool journey.

Being a large (250+ families) homeschool group allows us to offer many, many things, because there are many hands to help. We are not a co-op, but we do have an every-other week Physical Education class, weekly swimming lessons, Worship Dance, and other kinds of lessons and short term classes.

Membership is required to participate in our activities, or to use the library. Membership fees ($60/year; $50 for early registration) cover the cost of our basic operating costs,  (rental of facilities, website, office supplies, etc). There is usually a fee for field trips and “fine arts” events.We welcome visitors and inquiries to our group. There is always room in our group and our hearts to help you in your home school journey.


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