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Northern Lights Home School Association

Group Type: Co-Op and Support


Keywords: Christian, classes, curriculum, family, field trips, general, moms, preschool, presentations, spelling, teens, and testing

Group Location:

Ham Lake, MN 55304

Group Details:

Northern Lights Home School Association (NLHSA) is a Christian-based, parent-led co-op and support group that meets two Thursday mornings a month at Oak Haven Church in Ham Lake during the months of September through May. We offer primarily supplemental classes. Students in grades K-12 have four 45 minutes classes each co-op. All students have PE and Discovery (a theme based class). Younger students also have art and music; the other two classes for older students vary from year to year. Students also participate in a theme-based Challenge, Oral Presentations, Variety Show and Project Fair. PreK classes and Infant childcare are available for those with older siblings in the co-op. We also offer a variety of social activities including field trips, Christmas and Valentine’s parties, Christmas caroling, roller skating, variety show, project fair, camping, and older youth socials.

For half of the morning, parents are responsible for either teaching or monitoring in classes. During the other half, parents participate in “Mom’s Time” – a veteran led support group. Mom’s Time includes social time, prayer requests, a brief devotional, and a topic of the week. There are also opportunities for parents to get together outside of co-op. Responsibilities for making the co-op run smoothly are distributed equally among all members.

If you are interested in receiving more information about our co-op, please contact us. 


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