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NW Homeschool Support Group

Group Type: Christian and Support Group

County: Wright


Group Location: Wright County

, Minnesota

Group Details:

We are a group of up to 30 moms (lead by 4 leader moms) that meet once a month (usually on a Friday evening) in a host home. Attendance varies from 10-30+ at each meeting. The meetings are fairly informal and include a devotion/prayer, perhaps a topic for discussion/learning and LOTS of informal visiting, laughter and caring over coffee and some treats. We have new moms visit often and find they want to stay because they feel comfortable and encouraged. The moms represent those with very young children, those with MANY children, those brand new this year to home education and lots of moms in the middle of the journey. The group includes moms with infants through college graduates and homeschooling moms who are now grandparents. We have several experienced moms who are happy to spend one/one time with you outside of the meeting also. The group represents a wealth of home education knowledge, experience and styles. We would love to have you visit!


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