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SW Metro Homeschool Connection

Group Type: Christian, Community Group, family recreation, field trips, nursery/preschool, project fair, secular, Special Needs, Sports, Support, and working parents



Group Location:

Excelsior, Minnesota

Group Details:

A brand new community for the SW Metro.

Currently a work in progress.

This will not be an intensive co-op (plenty of those already exist!) or a hyper-local meet up. This is for any and all homeschoolers in the SW Metro area to connect voluntarily, with little to no fees, commitments or overhead. Connect with other homeschoolers but maintain your freedom – likely one of the reasons you homeschool anyway! Events and offerings will depend on the interests and passion areas of involved families, and the group can be used to connect with other families to form smaller social pods or individual friendships.

The group will have an online presence that does NOT require a Facebook account, to include folks who don’t do social media.

Be yourself…with others…when you want.


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