A Quality of Life Made Possible by Kathy Marson

Does your child struggle with multiple challenges year-after-year with a mix of academics, attention, memory, motor coordination, sensory processing, emotions, or behavioral/social interactions? The natural tendency with homeschooling is to focus on ‘what’ is being taught while learning and development really starts in the brain and the amount of comprehension. If a child doesn’t show growth from the homeschool curricula, it could be a red flag that the brain’s connection is the source of the problem. The good news is that neuroscience gives us ways to enhance brain connectivity, which allows a child to absorb what’s being taught, so they naturally perform at a whole new level. When you address the source of the weak brain connectivity you can transform the quality of life for your child and your entire family. In this workshop, you’ll learn the formula for success: The neuroscience behind ongoing learning and development barriers ~How to strengthen brain and body connectivity to overcome barriers ~BrainyAct, a brain enhancement program in the form of an engaging and interactive game that cross-trains the brain with body movements to build connectivity ~How to add BrainyAct to the homeschool day to elevate learning and performance ~Testimonials and improved outcomes to expect