Adapting Curriculum for Struggling Learners: Discover ideas for planning, scheduling, and adapting materials to meet your child’s learning style. Fun and Educational, Too! Hands-on activities, projects, and experiments help children understand and apply concepts. Learn how to include engaging lesson activities with your busy schedule. Getting the Message Does your child struggle to grasp the writer’s message when he reads? Come and learn some strategies that can help your child read for understanding. Reading Success in History and Science Functional reading is a life skill. Reading nonfiction, like history and science, requires some additional skills to grasp and understand the information. Learn strategies your child can use to build reading skills and find success to comprehend informational text. A Field Trip: More than a Day Out Make the most of a day out. With a little planning you can change an everyday outing to a field trip that enriches your child’s learning and provides a memorable experience.