Raising Counter Culture Kids in Today’s Media Mess!

Parents! Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to keeping up with the constantly changing technology and it’s influence on your kids? Are you wanting a healthy media diet in your home?
Learn how to safely navigate today’s pop culture chaos and in this jam-packed, eye-opening session. While working as an actress in Hollywood for over a decade, pop culture expert, Tina Griffin, worked with countless celebrities and saw how they glamorized harmful behaviors without showing the consequences.
In her show Hollywood Exposed, Tina analyzes current movies, TV shows, video games, apps and more, and explains how media’s corrupt messages are contributing to the teen identity crisis, sexual activity, drug and alcohol abuse, cutting, and suicide among young people.
Positive role models, family-friendly entertainment options, and how to safeguard your home from any harmful media are given, along with many helpful resources. Tina also gives a run down of her Counter Culture Mom app and it’s features, which helps parents stay current on the latest pop culture news.
Choosing Godly entertainment will help your children have a Biblical worldview and teach them to be warriors for Christ. This session is recommended for attendees 14 on up.
Get Tina’s Free Parent Media Guide, by texting the word GUIDE to the number 55444.