Student Senate: Equipping Tomorrow’s Leaders by Mid-Metro Academy

Dave Racer teaches American Government and Student Senate at Mid-Metro Academy in Roseville. His unique Student Senate program allows homeschooled high school students to draft bills, interview witnesses from the community, and work together to build consensus for their proposals. Dave has refined this course over the past 25 years, giving hundreds of teens the chance to gain critical thinking skills and confidence as they learn civics. In 2023, Dave received recognition as a Fox9 Top Teacher of the Year. Dave’s real-world political involvement includes serving as national campaign manager for Alan Keyes for President and running as a Republican-endorsed candidate for the Minnesota Legislature four times. He has served as a consultant to Minnesota gubernatorial and State House and Senate candidates. Dave was the founding president of The Declaration Foundation and former president and board chairman of The Constitution Educational Foundation. The author of numerous books, Dave is a national leader and speaker in the area of healthcare reform and a board member of the Minnesota Physician-Patient Alliance. He and his wife of nearly fifty years homeschooled four of their five children and now have ten grandchildren. Dave’s website is