Developing Discernment in an Age of Dystopia

In an age of amusement, we must guard against influences that excite the senses, circumvent reason, and foster gullibility. Through the art of storytelling and the prodding of the mysterious ancient Shepherd of Ecclesiastes 12, parents will learn how to test the worthiness of stories—the collection of words that represent an author’s worldview. Discover how discernment can be developed through stories that inspire godly character that is costly, compelling, and heroic. (Rom. 5, Eccles. 3, Song. 8).

The themes of love, compassion, courage, and friendship that dystopian heroes promise as the new rule of order sound good in a story but do not work in the real world. Love without absolute truth leads to hypocrisy and eventually, oppression. Some may argue that dystopian stories demonstrate sacrificial love but their agenda behind their love is to overthrow what they see as oppressive authority. If Jesus were living on earth today, his Father’s requirements and assignments would be seen as oppressive and tyrannical. Submitting to the will of God under difficult trials demonstrates the highest degree of trust and love. Obedience to the Father’s will is the real battle and children need to be guided carefully so that they recognize that one’s fight is not against their parents or spiritual guides, but against spiritual wickedness that targets each individual with lustful corrupting influences to disobey. (Heb. 5:7, 8, KJV).