Unlocking Learning Challenges: Innovative Strategies for Reading and Social-Emotional Learning by BrainyAct by Kinuu

Discover the three essential brain functions critical for accelerated learning, reading, and attention improvement. In this seminar, you’ll learn surprising insights into why children with ADHD, dyslexia, autism, sensory processing disorders, and learning disabilities often struggle with reading and learning. We’ll explore the connection between reading, sensory perception, and motor skills, and how strengthening these connections can significantly improve reading abilities and emotional regulation. Gain practical interventions to enhance balance and movement, ultimately improving learning outcomes for all students, regardless of age or ability.

I’ll share how our MOVE2Succeed Method helped an autistic, 14-year-old boy experience an EXPLOSION of language skills and another 12-year-old with severe dyslexia advance his reading/handwriting level – both in 4 months!