Your Child’s Best Teacher by Craig Harrison

The number of homeschooling households has exploded in recent years as parents have increasingly recognized their children’s education is too important to outsource. Contrary to what you’ve heard, it doesn’t take a village to raise tomorrow’s leaders—it takes a proactive, involved, and steadfast family. Children flourish best within the structure of the family, which is why families have long been recognized as the building blocks of strong societies and why tyrants throughout history have sought to destroy the family unit.

Although parents have commonly allowed the government to educate their children without a second thought, more now question this default position. And with the resources and support networks available today, the barriers to educating your own children have never been lower. In contrast to the ancient Greeks who took children out of the home to teach them in the academy, Hebrew culture viewed education as the responsibility of parents. Parents were tasked with instilling values and passing on an ethical worldview to their children, allowing them to gain wisdom, not just knowledge; to learn to do what is right, not merely what’s expedient; to judge truth rather than simply obey authority.

This workshop is about what the speaker has learned on his journey in home education. He will share his perspective as an engineer and a father and offer encouragement to any parents that have embraced, or are considering, the calling of becoming the full-time educators of their children.

Whatever your situation may be, whether you’re a mom or dad, whether the primary teacher or a supportive spouse, Craig will share tips that will help you begin to establish your priorities, avoid pitfalls, think through challenges, solve problems, and create a unique
home education program in which your child will flourish!