Homeschool Testing Resources

Homeschool Minnesota - MÂCHÉ is here to help you with all your homeschooling needs - including finding resources and contacts for the annual testing requirements as outlined in the Minnesota state requirements. Please use the resources below to assist you on your homeschooling journey!

Questions about annual testing during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The law requiring homeschoolers to annually take a standardized test remains in effect. The Governor's executive order waiving standardized testing only applies to public schools and not homeschools. 

If you used the services of your public school district to test your students in the past, they will not provide that service for you this year. You will need to find another way for your students to take a standardized test. We have options for you! Check out the testing resources below.

Standardized testing for homeschoolers is still required by law and is not waived because of the COVID-19 emergency declarations. MACHE has sent a letter in conjunction with Home School Legal Defense Association to the Minnesota Department of Education requesting that the school districts:

  • Be informed that the law still requires homeschooling students to annually take a standardized test
  • Requesting that the school districts stop incorrectly informing homeschoolers that they are exempt from taking the standardized test for this year.
Homeschool testing resources