MÂCHÉ’s Mission STATEMENT and Guiding Principles

Our Mission Statement: We inspire, equip, and protect Minnesota homeschool families.

Our Guiding Principles.

Our Central Ministry Focus.

In order for MACHE to live out its mission, it will continuously equip parents for home educating through constant communication, conferences and other resources. In addition it will work to safeguard the freedom to home educate.


Our End Goal.

The goal of MACHE’s ministry is to see the development of Godly families through the equipping of parents in Christ-centered home education resulting in Godly children who are well educated and equipped for life and service.

MÂCHÉ Statements of Faith

Plan of Salvation

Do you know Jesus Christ as your Savior?

While it is not necessary to be a Christian to benefit from membership with MÂCHÉ, choosing to become a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ will change your life for good and give you hope for now and eternity. If you have any questions, please contact MACHE at info@mache.org.